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What You Should Include On Your Business Roller Banner

Whether you’re attending a nationwide expo or a local event, a roller banner is a great asset to help promote your business and draw the crowds to your stall. Larger than life and full of colour, branding and catchy slogans, roller banners are a staple of modern print advertising and can be the difference between a handful of enquiries and an inbox-full.

Hence why it’s so important to make sure your roller banner says everything it needs to, at every occasion you attend. From delivering a strong brand message to capturing the essence of your business, your roller banner needs to convey quite a lot of information from both far away and at a quick glance from a passing attendee.

So to help you make the most out of your roller banners this expo season, we’ve put together some of the key information you should include on your business banners, to truly show off the best of your brand:


While this one goes without saying, it’s essential to make sure your logo is clear, recognisable and memorable. Many people will recognise a logo over any other element of a brand identity, so try to ensure it’s noticeable and attractive when designing your banner.

Memorable Slogan

A slogan or a tagline can say a lot about your business and its culture. It can help to inform people of your goals as a business, your relationship to your clients, your strength and abilities and the service you’re going to provide. So try to keep it short and sweet, but memorable and insightful to truly make an impact.

Brand Colours

One of the biggest advantages of using roller banners in marketing is the ability to splash your brand colours in such a large and unmissable space - truly delivering your brand statement on a big scale. Try to choose a colour that’s going to stand out in a room full of people, something

people will be drawn to and be curious about.

Relevant Imagery & Assets

Perhaps there’s a particular character that’s uniquely associated with your brand, or an image that really represents your product. Using bright, clear and colourful imagery is a great way to catch people’s attention and encourage them to stop and look around your stall, ready to find out more about your business.

Your Contact Information & Social Media Handles

Again, this might seem obvious but it’s important to consider the placement of your contact details when designing your roller banners. You need to decide which contact details are the most important to share in a large event space - whether people are more likely to make a call for more information or head to your website to make an enquiry. It’s also a good idea to include your social media handles, or even just the logos of the social media platforms you have profiles upon, to encourage new followers and users to engage.

Your Services

Whether you write them in a short, snappy list or embed them smoothly into your banner copy, a description of your services is crucial to helping visitors understand the basics of your business. Even a simple one-off sentence describing your industry and your role within it can be a useful asset when encouraging new enquiries, particular in events of varied and differing businesses.


Roller banners are an amazing asset to promoting your brand in expo and event spaces, and it’s important to get them right. If you’re looking for more information on banner printing and print marketing, get in touch with Trust In Marketing today for fast, reliable and expert advice.



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