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Unleash The Power Of Combined Leaflet and Digital Marketing

Leaflet marketing campaigns still hold their own in the online age, despite a common misconception that they are less effective than digital marketing methods. They work very well as a standalone marketing tool, but they can also be successfully integrated into a digital campaign. 

Leaflets provide a tangible presence that can hold the attention and be passed around to other viewers, or displayed in windows, notice boards and waiting rooms. A well-designed leaflet printed on quality paper with eye-catching colours is memorable and research shows that most people will keep them for at least a few months.

Leaflets also have the advantage of offering precise geographical targeting, making them ideal for promoting local businesses such as shops, hairdressers, and restaurants. When backed up with GPS tracked delivery, you can be certain that the leaflets are dropping through the right doors and at the right time.

Digital marketing offers the advantages of personalisation, reach, and precise targeting beyond a specific and local area. It also brings the advantage of data tracking and insights that can help to form your marketing strategy. When combined with leaflets, this can create strong brand recall and awareness alongside evidence of customer behaviour.

Here’s a look at how to make the most of the strengths of each approach to create a powerful and cohesive marketing campaign for your business. 

Make use of QR Codes

QR codes provide an effective way to bridge the gap between the printed paper format and the online world. The user can simply scan the code with their smartphone to be directed straight to your landing page or website. This means that they will not be distracted by rival companies in search engine results pages, and also allows you to track the response rate.

You may even wish to take the user experience one step further with augmented reality technology. This may be appropriate for allowing viewers to take virtual tours of a building, for example if you are an estate agent or hotel business. It can also allow viewers to see 3D models of products, increasing impact and memorability. 

Social media coordination

Social media is a powerful digital marketing tool that can be integrated with your leaflet campaign. For example, you can create hashtags to allow recipients to share a photo of the leaflet on platforms such as Facebook. You can also post pictures of the distribution campaign in action on your social media sites.

Targeted digital advertising

The target distribution area from your leaflet drop can be coordinated with targeted digital ads for the same areas. This will reinforce the message across offline and online channels, helping to increase brand recognition and boosting the likelihood of customers taking the next step in the journey to engaging with your business.

When designing your leaflet, ensure that there is a clear call to action so that the recipient is encouraged to follow up. Use simple language to describe what you do and what you can offer a customer, and keep the design of the leaflet uncluttered. 

High-quality colour images help to draw the eye and capture the attention, but they should not be at the expense of the overall message. Use a compelling headline to pique the interest, and use the design and layout of the leaflet to lead the eye to the call to action.  This could be scanning the QR code, emailing, or calling. 

Make sure that you have a plan in place to respond promptly to increased customer engagement. You may wish to follow up with personalised emails to thank them for their interest, and offer further incentives such as deals or time-limited offers.

Measure the response

Use analytics tools to measure the response rate from QR codes and website visits, and also to monitor the effectiveness of online ads and the social media tie-ins. This will give you insights into customer behaviour and help you understand their needs and preferences when planning future marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, leaflet campaigns are affordable, geographically targeted and effective. Digital marketing offers a wider geographical reach and it can be personalised and offer valuable data insights into customer behaviour. When these two approaches are combined, you can benefit from the advantages of both and ensure a good return on investment.



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