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What Will Be The Biggest Graphic Design Trends For 2024?

Graphic design is a dynamic artform that is constantly evolving, and as we are living through an age of technological and cultural change, new design trends reflect this.  Here’s a look at what design and advertising agencies in the UK will have their eye on during the coming year. 

Whatever the latest trends may be, there will always be a demand for good quality professional graphic design. It’s the visual language of communication that can convey a complex message in a simple and memorable way. It’s at the core of a company’s brand identity, helping them to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

It’s a powerful tool for marketing, used to create aesthetically appealing and eye-catching posters, banners, web pages, leaflets, and packaging. Graphic designers often draw their influences from technological developments and cultural shifts, which is why now is a really exciting time for fresh and innovative designs.

The role of AI

One development that can’t be ignored is the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), which is having an impact on many sectors and industries, not least the world of design. Generative tools can now produce suggestions for designs within a minute, which opens doors but also raises many questions, both for designers and business owners.

Ultimately during 2024, designers will be seeking ways to use AI to enhance and complement their work, rather than use it as a replacement for originality and creativity. 

One thing AI cannot do is respond sensitively and imaginatively to cultural and social events, and AI-generated artwork will always be somewhat lacking in that element of human connection. As we are living through turbulent times, there will always be a demand for human-created designs that deal with challenges with wit and emotional intelligence. 

The real deal

When social media was in its earlier days, fashionable young people used platforms such as Instagram to portray idealistic and glamorous lifestyles that did not always reflect reality. The pandemic began a cultural shift away from this trend, and in recent years more realistic and unfiltered images were trending.

During 2024, this trend for the raw and real deal may continue, and incorporate a deliberate shunning AI generative tools. This may remain a niche movement as an alternative to the mainstream, but it could be the way forward for smaller and independent brands who want to carve out their own path. 

The rise of surrealism

A twist on the reaction against perfectionism and artificially enhanced images is the trend towards surrealist images. These are often conflated with 3D graphics as new technology makes convincing 3D imagery much quicker and easier to produce. 

Surrealist images may take the form of experimental typography or escapist landscapes that are grounded by a direct and immediate brand voice. It’s a playful reaction to the unsettling world events and also an acknowledgment of modern design technology. 



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