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What Are The Benefits Of GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution?

Leaflet distribution is an oldie but goodie when it comes to marketing, as brands can guarantee they get right into the homes of their target market.

These days, as marketing techniques have advanced, so too has that of pamphlet dropping, as you can now get GPS tracked leaflet distributions. To find out what this is and why it could be beneficial to your business, read on.

GPS leaflet distribution explained

Instead of just dropping pamphlets through random letterboxes, this form of marketing records the delivery of the leaflets.

This means companies know which households have received them, so they can target specific areas they are interested in and an audience that would be more receptive to their product or services.

It also means the same doors are not targeted twice within a short amount of time and the leaflets are given to different households first.

Businesses will also be able to find out when the leaflets have been dropped off, which could help them tailor the distribution and create optimal routes and delivery times.

Additionally, GPS tracked distribution services enable firms to avoid marketing at the same time as other companies, so their branding content can be seen with fresh eyes that will be more receptive to the messaging.

Why is it beneficial to businesses?

There are a number of benefits to GPS tracked leaflet distribution services, as opposed to untracked deliveries.

  1. Reduces incidences of being scammed

For a start, it means companies can be sure their marketing tools are being delivered. Some scammers may claim to drop the leaflets off but actually throw them all in a bin and not deliver any of them.

This is not possible with GPS trackers, as they are updated frequently, so firms know where their content is being delivered.

  1. Targets the right area

It also means businesses can be sure the right areas are being targeted.

Instead of only delivering to the streets that are convenient to the distributor, they can be certain the roads with residents that are most likely to buy into their service or product will be hit.

Although areas might be agreed upon beforehand, distributors may still end up going to the houses that suit them the most. However, with GPS systems, this can be tracked by the company.

  1. Live GPS tracking

Ideally, businesses should choose a company that provides live customer tracking, as this updates as often as possible, giving real-time information to the client.

This provides companies with as much reassurance as possible that their marketing material is being dropped off in the right place and at the right time.

  1. Analyse data

After getting the information about where the leaflets have been delivered, companies will be better informed to analyse their data.

They could build on this analysis by asking customers questions such as where they heard about the company. This will help them tailor their marketing technique, so they can better target their market in the future.



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