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Top Promotional Goods For Your Marketing Campaign

To boost brand recognition, one of the best things you can do is invest in promotional goods and printed items with your company’s logo and name on it.

Trolley coins

While we are predominantly a cashless society these days, using our phones and bank cards to pay for goods instead of change, there is still one time you need access to a coin – when you use a trolley.

Therefore, one of the most useful branded merchandise you can invest in is a trolley coin, as you can guarantee people will always carry these around with them, seeing your brand every time they hit the shops.

Water bottles

A lot of awareness has been raised about the importance of staying hydrated, with the NHS recommending everyone drinks between six and eight glasses of liquid a day. Despite this, it is difficult to stay on top of fluid intake if you’re out and about, which is why more and more people are carrying water bottles around with them. Therefore, a free bottle will definitely come in handy.


One of the best ways to promote your business is to wear the logo and name at every opportunity. For instance, a personal trainer who wears a hoody with their branding on will boost their chances of gaining business as gymgoers will be able to see it every time they exercise. Alternatively, a campsite with branded T-shirts will attract custom when members of staff wear them out and about.

For more ideas on promotional materials, get in touch with our creative marketing agency in the UK today.



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