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Tips For Designing An Effective Poster

Posters are an effective and affordable way of advertising your business, or promoting an event. Designing an eye-catching poster isn’t really complicated, but there are a few important points to bear in mind. Here are some tips!

Keep the text spare and simple

The headline should be five words or fewer, and convey the key information about the event, or whatever you are advertising. It must be readable from about 10ft away, and short enough to read in one glance.

The important information should be included in the next tier, such as the venue and date of the event. Write as concisely as possible, as long sentences are off putting. Save any non-essential information for the small print, which can be added at the bottom of the poster.

Next, add a call to action to encourage the reader to do something, such as purchase tickets. You may want to include a web address or QR code.

Use clear easy to read fonts

The font should be easy to read at a glance, and not overly stylised or too fine. It can be a part of the design element if you wish, but not at the expense of legibility.

Use strong contrasting colours

Tasteful muted palettes don’t really work with posters; you need high colour contrast to make the poster pop. A memorable graphic helps your poster stand out and adds interest. If you are using a stock photo, make sure it is high-resolution, and does not look blurred or pixelated when enlarged.

Avoid clutter

The better the use of space on the poster, the easier it will be to read. Consider the spacing between the individual letters (called kerning), as well as the line spacing. Keep to two or three colours the most, and no more than two styles of font. Consistent, clear, and uncluttered always works best.

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