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Tips For A Great Exhibition Stand Design

Events and exhibitions have returned to full strength this year after the pandemic, which has highlighted just how important these in-person occasions are. From providing opportunities for networking, to giving online businesses a physical presence and shop window to build customer relationships, the benefits of an exhibition are manifold.

To really get the most out of an exhibition slot booking, it is crucial to get your stand design right. A good stand can present the best face of your business to the world, and leave a positive impression on new contacts and existing customers. Here are some tips to help make your exhibition stand work hard for you.

Define your target audience

Before you plan the design, you need to work out what your priorities are for the exhibition, and which type of visitors you are aiming to attract to your stand. For example, are you launching a new product, aiming to generate new sales leads, or trying to raise your brand awareness in an existing or new field?

All these factors will influence your core message, and the type of display and marketing materials that you will produce.

Consider your allocated space

It is not always possible to specify exactly the size and location of your exhibition space, especially if you have a limited budget. However, it is always possible to make up for any disadvantages with a well-designed stand—for example, if you have a smaller space away from the main thoroughfares, you can make up for it with extra banner height.

Keep text to a minimum

It might be tempting to convey as much information as possible on your graphics design prints, but less is definitely more. Remember that the display should have just enough text to briefly describe who your company is and what is does, or a slogan or tagline relating to your event objectives.

The text which you do include should be large enough to read from a distance, in one glance. Research has shown that too much information, known as cognitive overload, can be off-putting, and visitors are unlikely to remember a stand when they can’t easily work out why it is there.

The golden rule for adding text to banner headers is no more than five words on each line, for no more than three lines. Alternatively, you could have no more than three words on each line, for a maximum of five lines.

Make sure the design is consistent with your existing branding

Your company’s brand identity, including the logo, colour scheme, font style, and so on, should be used consistently throughout your stand design. This helps to raise your brand profile with customers who may already be familiar with your products, services, or website, and helps them join the dots in a busy crowded arena.

Have some takeaways

To keep you brand fresh in visitor’s minds, have something they can take way from the stand, such as flyers, business cards, branded tote bags or stationery, or even branded clothing.



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