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3 Easy Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

One of the biggest challenges faced by marketers and online business owners is how to drive traffic to a website. As the internet becomes ever more saturated with competing ecommerce businesses, it can be difficult to know how to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some tips to increase traffic to your website.

Optimise for search intent

At one time, it was enough to include relevant keywords into your content, and they would be picked up by the search engines. However, Google is now more discerning in the way it uses algorithms and they now aim to discover the reason for the search, rather than simply locking onto keywords. This is referred to as ‘search intent.’

This is because the majority of internet searches are carried out to look up information, rather than to directly search for a product or service. Therefore, anyone who Googles ‘hair care’ is now more likely to be presented with a mixture of results about how to look after and style their hair, as well as hair salons and hair products.

To optimise your content for search intent, use a keyword research tool to identify ‘modifiers’ in the search results for your site. These are words that often prefix a search keyword, such as ‘how’, ‘which’, ‘best’, ‘reviews’, ‘where’, ‘examples’, and other similar terms.

These can help you to understand how visitors are reaching your site and help you include relevant content to draw in organic traffic from speculative internet searches.

Add video content

Video marketing is now one of the most effective ways to increase your website traffic. This is particularly true of younger internet users in the 15-35 age group bracket, who prefer watching short videos to reading content online. Videos are perfectly suited to smaller devices such as smartphones and are eye catching and shareable.

Integrate your website with social media

Social media is one of the most cost effective ways to drive organic traffic to your website. It is best to focus your efforts on two or three of the most appropriate platforms for your business. For example, TikTok is popular with younger people under the age of 30.

Think about what audience you want to reach via social media. B2B organisations will benefit most from platforms such as LinkedIn, which has over 58 million company profiles. It is also a great resource for recruitment and networking with companies who are in the same field but not direct competitors, and could potentially form useful partnerships.

If your aim is simply to raise your brand profile and build up more informal relationships with customers, then Facebook is a good option. With almost 3 billion active users worldwide, it has a huge potential to reach new customers. It also offers affordable paid advertising options for small to medium businesses.

For linking your social media to current affairs and topical newsworthy items, then Twitter is the best choice of platform because users can swiftly respond to and retweet content.

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