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The Ultimate Guide To Designing Branded Business Workwear

Branded business clothing is an effective way to create a good first impression among customers and prospective business partners. It can help to create a sense of belonging and camaraderie among team members and it presents a smart and united front to the world.

This helps to set your business apart from the competition and shows that you are professionals who know that details matter. Here are some top tips for designing, ordering and delivering your branded workwear.

What to consider for an effective design

Type of garments

The first decision to make is what kind of garments will be most suitable for employees to wear at work. Consider what tasks they will be carrying out and what type of environment they will be working in. For example, outdoor labourers will need hi-vis jackets or gilets and hats and gloves.

Staff working in an informal indoor environment such as a warehouse or kitchen will need clothing that is easy to move around in and launder, such as T shirts or polo shirts and sweatshirts. A more formal setting such as an office or shop floor may require smart shirts or blouses.

It may be that you have staff working across a range of different settings, and they will all have different requirements. Clothing needs will also vary depending on the season, so take the time of year into account when ordering branded workwear.

Colour and logo

If your company already has a brand identity it is likely that you have a colour scheme, and matching this to the colour of the clothing is a natural choice. The company logo should be displayed on the clothing at a scale large enough for it to be recognisable from a few metres away. Check if the brand guidelines specify the positioning of the logo.


If your staff feel comfortable in the clothing that they wear, the more likely they are to enjoy their work and be productive and perform well. Natural fabrics such as cotton are more breathable and pleasant to wear. Synthetic fibres such as polyester are more durable but can be hot and uncomfortable, especially in the summer months.

What to consider when ordering

Ordering branded workwear is a straightforward process once you have nailed down the details of the type, colour, material and logo positioning of the clothing.

You will need to know how many units of each garment to order. Full time staff will typically have two of each item to allow for laundry rotation. It’s also sensible to have spare stock in for new starts or in case any clothing is lost or damaged. You should also know what sizes to order.

Consider where the clothing needs to be delivered to and whether further distribution is required to regional sites. You should also have somewhere safe, secure and dry to store surplus stock.



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