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The Reason Why These Clever And Memorable Logo Designs Work

A logo is a key part of a brand identity. It’s an emblem that customers will immediately associate with its products or services, so it must be instantly recognizable and memorable. Designing a logo that encapsulates the essence of the brand and is at once simple yet impactful can be a tough brief!

Many designers begin by analysing some of the most successful logos of the past and present to help them decide what might work best. Sometimes this might be bold and minimal, or it might contain some more subtle details. Here’s a look at some of the most effective and thoughtfully designed logos of all time.

The FedEx Logo

The logo of the worldwide shipping company FedEx is familiar to millions of people with its simple sans serif font and striking purple, orange and white colour palette. It can easily be seen and understood at a distance, making it perfect for branding up packages of all sizes and displaying on the side of vehicles.

However, there is more to the logo than perhaps might first meet the eye. This is because the designer Lindon Leader has made clever use of the white space between the letters E and X to create a forward facing arrow, summing up the delivery firm’s ethos of speed, accuracy and forward thinking.

The logo has represented the FedEx brand since 1994, and from this time it has become a touchstone for graphic designers and won multiple awards.

The Amazon Logo

The current Amazon logo was introduced in 2000, and the influence of the FedEx logo can be seen in the design. It also has a clear font and simple black, white and orange palette with minimal imagery other than the company name in lowercase letters. The initial wording was originally underlined by an orange line that curved downwards.

This was tweaked so that the line was inverted to form an upward curve that resembled a smile, and crucially formed an arrow from the letter a to z in the company name. The simple adjustment speaks of a positive customer experience and also simply conveys what Amazon does; i.e. sells and deliveries everything from A to Z!

The Toblerone logo

Most of us are familiar with the mountain of the Toblerone logo, which represents the Matterhorn Mountain between Switzerland and Italy, and also reflects the unique triangular shape of the chocolate bar. However, with the shape of the mountain is a more subtle and intricate detail, in the silhouette of a bear.

This is because the brand was created in Bern, the Swiss capital, and it is known as the ‘City of Bears.’ This detail establishes the identity of the brand and increases customer curiosity, recognition and engagement.

The Beats logo

The popular headphone brand founded by Dr Dre is a simple red or black circle containing a stylised letter B, but it also represents a profile view of someone wearing headphones, and could even represent part of a musical symbol.

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