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The Importance of Good Quality Business Cards

No matter whether you’re at a professional networking event, chatting with a client or simply crossing paths with a potential customer in a supermarket if you’re looking to make people remember you - a quality business card is the right way to go.

Although much of the world is moving in digital circles right now, the physical solidity of a business card is something that can’t ever be replicated. While a social post might fly by in your feed, business cards remain a constant - sitting in the wallets, pockets and desk drawers of the people you want to target.

But it’s even more important to consider the quality of your business cards before you give them out. From the paper thickness and gsm to the branding and design, for a business card to be memorable, it needs to be attractive and eye-catching - thorough and well-considered. You need to be able to understand just why quality matters.

Brand Awareness

There’s nothing more important than brand awareness when it comes to networking with business cards. A bold, iconic brand is vital for developing a piece of advertising that people and potential clients will want to hold on to, will want to read, will want to find out more about. Your brand should be intentional and carefully planned, with uniquely developed fonts, colour schemes and assets that perfectly represent your business - and most importantly, should look great on your professional business cards.


One of the best reactions you can get when handing over a business card is hearing ‘oh yes! I’ve heard of you!’. Not only are business cards a great way of improving your brand recognition across your network, but they can also help you to measure the success of your additional marketing efforts too. From social media and digital advertising to word of mouth and print marketing, one of your goals as a business is to build and share a brand that people want to know about, and business cards are a great way to encourage that.


As an up and coming entrepreneur, freelancer or business leader, it can feel like you spend more time networking than actually working for your clients. Endless afternoons spent in hotels and meeting rooms, sipping on coffee, trying to cram as many business cards into your pocket as possible for future use - the people you meet begin to blur into one. But one of the ways to help people remember you is through your business card. By making your business card bold, beautiful, funny, clever or smart, you’re far more likely to make an impression on your potential clients and customers.


Have you ever come across a business card so badly designed that it put you off the company entirely? Perhaps it had a glaring spelling mistake in the title or a poorly pixelated image you could barely make out? The way your business card looks is an automatic representation of the quality of your services, regardless of the industry you work for or the products you produce. It’s an example of your professionalism, and the better the card, the better your reputation will be.


Digital marketing can be a creative, engaging and varied tool in promoting your business, but it isn’t without its drawbacks. For some industries and clients, the idea of scrolling through an Instagram feed or trawling through a complicated navigation menu is simply inaccessible. Business cards have the immediate advantage of being entirely accessible to all and present a friendly, physical alternative to digital marketing that invites a one-to-one conversation - much more preferable to a simple LinkedIn invite or page like.


Spending time investing in and creating the perfect business card is always going to be a valuable asset when trying to promote your company. The strength of your business card is a true reflection of the best of your business abilities, and there’s no better place to demonstrate it to your potential clients.



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