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The Benefits Of Advertising In A Local Magazine

Local magazines can be an overlooked method of advertising, but it is an excellent way for a local business to raise awareness in the area and to get your message in front of thousands of potential customers. Here are some benefits of advertising in a local magazine.

The readership will be genuinely interested

Most people take pride in the area where they live, and will be keen to support local businesses. Therefore you will have a ready made target audience by advertising locally.

A magazine is read with more attention than a website

These days, sitting down to enjoy a traditional printed magazine is a welcome relief from the constant bombardment of screens for many of us. Therefore people will appreciate a free magazine dropping through the door, and are more likely to take their time as they relax with a coffee and browse the contents.

Local publications put a lot of time and effort into creating high quality features, puzzles, recipes, and so on that will be of interest and use to the readership, and advertisements are strategically placed to gain the attention of the most relevant readership.

Compared to browsing online, where we tend to scan information in a superficial way and quickly move on to another page, we tend to read print more slowly and carefully. This means that your advertisement is much more likely to be noticed and read than if it was displayed online.

Professional delivery service

Local magazines are usually delivered by a professional leaflet distribution franchise who uses GPS tracking as proof of full and timely delivery to the target areas. This gives you peace of mind that your advertisement is really dropping on people’s doormats.

A trusted source

The internet is a vast resource, and despite the best efforts of search engines, not all of the content is trustworthy. Some unregulated advertisements may be misleading or even fraudulent or malicious. By comparison, a local magazine is seen as the friendly face of the local community and is a highly trusted and respected source.

Not everyone is online

Despite what the media may have us believe, a significant minority of people are not glued to their smartphones or computer screens all day, and some people do not use the internet at all. This is especially true among older generations. If your target audience includes older people, then advertising in traditional print media can be highly effective.

Local advertising brings good return on investment

Advertising locally is generally cheaper than advertising online and nationally, and you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your advert because you have a specific delivery date from which you can track the response.

A local magazine will in all likelihood be kept around for a few weeks rather than thrown straight in the bin, as all the members of the household may wish to browse it at some point. It may be passed on to family and friends, or left in the waiting room of a dentist or hairdressers. Therefore your advertisement will be seen multiple times.



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