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Questions To Ask When Planning A Leaflet Campaign

Planning a door drop such as GPS tracked leaflet distribution is a great way to boost your business profile. It can also be much more cost effective than a digital or national media marketing campaign, and it gets great results. Here are some of the most important questions to ask when putting together a door drop.

What is the purpose of the door drop?

The key to a successful campaign is to define your aims and objectives from the outset. For example, do you want to reach out to new customers, boost traffic to your website, promote seasonal sales, advertise a new product or service, promote an event, increase in-store visits, generate leads, or advertise your existing products and services?

Identify your audience

The next step is to identify who your target audience is. This helps to ensure that your leaflets get in front of the people who are most likely to become paying customers. You might decide to simply target every household within a certain radius of your business location, if you are a takeaway delivery service for example.

If you have a more specific audience for your business, there are software tools which can help you research and select the best areas to focus your leaflet delivery on. For example, they can give you an insight into demographics such as the age, occupation status, marital status, and type of housing, such as terraced, detached, semi, or bungalow.

This can be useful if you have products aimed at middle to higher earners, or a service such as tree surgery that would only be applicable to households with larger gardens.

Keep the message clear and simple

Once you have defined the purpose of the door drop, the next step is to hone your message. Keep it direct and to the point, so that the key information can be grasped in a few seconds. Headlines should ideally be five words or fewer. After stating what you have to offer, include some key benefits that your product or service can offer customers.

What would make them choose your business over a competitor? If there are lots of rival companies operating in the area, you could consider including an incentive, such as a time limited offer or a promotion. Remember to include a call to action, such as giving a phone number or email address, or your website address.

Make sure that the design and print is professional

The design should be carefully thought out to create maximum visual impact. It’s your chance for one-to-one communication with a customer, so good quality paper or card, and crisp clear printing can help to make a good first impression. Don’t be tempted to cram too much information onto the leaflet, especially if you are trying to generate leads. As long as you convey the crucial points and give the viewer guidance on what action to take next, that should be enough in most cases.



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