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How To Make Print Marketing Work In Your Industry

As society evolves, it can feel like the majority of marketing has been taken over by Google Ads, promoted posts and influencers - leaving many smaller and more traditional businesses in the dust. But in 2022, there’s been a noticeable return to the world of print marketing, as more and more independent businesses and SMEs head back out into society with colourful flyers, business cards and brochures - targeting their clients through tried and tested methods.

Even the larger and more corporate businesses have also benefited from print marketing, with big-name brands introducing new lines of leaflets, info-cards, catalogues and stickers, designed to attract new and exciting audiences.

So how can you make print marketing work for your industry? Luckily, there’s no limit to the ways print marketing can be used to promote, advertise and upsell your business - whether you’re a hi-tech development agency or a local borough council.

Make it memorable and desirable

When it comes to print marketing, the world is literally your oyster. As a business, you can transmit your brand message through any number of printed materials and share your services through a material that suits your industry.

Taking the time to create a professional, clean and appealing design is a crucial part of building up a great print marketing campaign, and can help to make your material even more desirable for your recipients. Create something useful, something memorable, something valuable and something your audience will want to hang on to for future reading.

Even better - invest some time in looking up the designs of your top competitors and national success stories in your field and try to adapt your own print campaigns accordingly. Look into which fonts and colour schemes are the most appealing for your industry, which images people are likely to relate to, which design structures are the most accessible and attractive to passers-by. Print marketing works well if you work for it, so the more time and thought you can put into making a memorable design, the better.

Use good quality printing and materials

A good design can be wasted on cheap material, and ruined by the process of poor quality printing. When it comes to print marketing, the designs that make an impact are the ones created using quality design and quality materials - particularly materials that stand out for their texture and feel. It’s important to consider how your printed material will both look on a stand or in a window, and feel in the hand of your target user.

In 2022, it’s also a good idea to consider sustainable printing and how to achieve the most eco-friendly processes in your campaigns. Could you use a paper that is biodegradable or made from recycled plastics? Is it possible to use a printer with a low carbon footprint or a pledge to sustainability? Take a look online or in your local area for the most sustainable printer before submitting your designs.

Use your print marketing alongside other forms of advertising

A good print marketing campaign should always be backed up by a solid digital marketing strategy or a great local space for users to learn about. A single flyer alone won’t save your business, but a print campaign enhanced by digital advertising and a solid local presence is a great way to promote your work

Try to think of print marketing as just an extension of everything you’re already doing to improve the awareness of your business. It’s the physical representation of your business, something people can touch and read and feel and take home with them to look back on later, but it can always be supported by further information available online.

Be confident in your delivery

Print design is a fun, creative and exciting way to promote your services. Take pride in your work and your creative abilities, and show confidence in how you offer and deliver any piece of printed material to your potential customers.

Whether it’s a flyer in the street, a business card at an event, a brochure in the post or a leaflet at a stall, try to convey your own passion for the business and belief in your team through it. Be excited, be confident and make an impression.

Use your print in the most suitable environments

A key part of a successful print marketing campaign is finding your audience. Take the time to think about where exactly you plan to distribute your printed materials, how you will deliver them and who to? Who do you really want to see your work, and who would benefit from it the most?

Planning your approach and figuring out the right way to carry out your marketing campaign is going to be a key part of its success, so make sure you and your team are thorough in the research beforehand.

When it comes to print marketing, there’s no surefire way of securing a win. But every industry can always feel the benefit of trying out new ways of marketing and advertising, regardless of your sector or your business size.

If you want some advice on developing your next print marketing campaign, speak to our team at Trust in Marketing today.



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