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How To Design A Compelling Call To Action On Your Leaflet

Leaflets and flyers are still a widely used and very effective way to advertise your business, despite the proliferation of online advertising. In fact, there are many advantages to dropping a piece of paper or card through a letterbox, compared to an ephemeral on-screen message that can be dismissed in one touch of the keyboard.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, research has shown that 89% of people remember a leaflet that has dropped through their door, and a further 45% will keep the leaflet around in a drawer or on a pinboard for several months. This is great news for businesses who want to raise awareness of their brand in the local community.

With options available such as GPS tracked leaflet delivery, you can be assured of accuracy and accountability. However, it is important not just to be visible in your customer’s minds, but also to prompt them to take the next step. This can be the most difficult part of leaflet marketing to achieve. So what can you do to boost the response rates to your leaflet drop?

The crucial element is a clear call to action (CRA). This is the prompt for the viewer to get in touch with you or visit your website and so on. It’s ultimately the bridge that your target audience member needs to cross to become a paying customer, ensuring that you get a good return on investment for your leaflet campaign. Here are some top suggestions.

Be simple and direct

Use as few words as possible and give one direct command. This could be ‘Call now’ or ‘email now,’ or ‘Visit us today.’ If there is more than one alternative, either use the most desirable action, or use ‘Find out more’ to get attention and take it from there. Avoid burying your CTA in a lengthy paragraph.

Use colour and design to stand out

Position the CTA in a prominent place where it won’t be missed. Leave plenty of white space around the message to help it stand out. Use a larger font size than the rest of the text, and enhance it further with a contrasting bold colour.

Create a sense of urgency

Include phrases such as ‘while stocks last’ or ‘for a limited time only’ to create a sense of urgency and to imply that your customer is getting a good deal.

Offer an incentive

Offering a discount or freebie that is exclusive to customers who respond to your CTA can be a great incentive to take action.

Run A/B tests

If you are not sure which CTA might work best for you, have two print runs with different designs, and deliver them at the same time but keeping note of which areas receive which leaflet (ensure that both areas are similar socioeconomic groups and within your target audience range).

Then measure your response rate for each design and area to see how they compare.



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