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Delivering The Truth: 5 Leaflet Distribution Myths Busted

Targeted leaflet distribution is a marketing method that has stood the test of time in the face of the advancements of digital marketing and social media. However, myths and misconceptions exist around leaflets that can lead to some business eschewing this effective and affordable marketing strategy.

Here are some of the most common myths around leaflet delivery, and why modern techniques such as GPS tracking means that it continues to bring businesses an excellent return on investment.

Myth 1: Leaflets are old-fashioned and unreliable

Businesses may assume that leaflets are too old-school for their image and are worried that customers will perceive them as old-fashioned or out of touch. However, leaflets and digital marketing are not a binary choice; they can be used to enhance and complement each other.

For example, leaflets can carry QR codes, web addresses and social media links so that customers can follow up with online browsing or making a purchase. The permanent nature of a leaflet means that they are likely to keep it around for a while, as opposed to an online ad that is easily scrolled past or clicked away from.

Myth 2: Leaflets are expensive and wasteful

The misconception persists that a leaflet drop is expensive and does not offer a good return on investment. However, with GPS tracked and targeted delivery, it is possible to build highly effective campaigns that get excellent results.

By using research tools to pinpoint the demographic groups and geographical areas that are most aligned with your target customers, you can accurately plan the relevant delivery postcodes. This means that you are minimising waste by focusing on the people who will be actively looking for your products or services.

Myth 3: Leaflets don’t have measurable results

GPS tracking gives you the peace of mind that your leaflets are dropped through every door on the route within the agreed timescales. You can view the data in real time and use tools to analyse response rates and timescales. This will give you an opportunity to identify successful campaigns, and make any tweaks and improvements to your future strategies.

Myth 4: Leaflets are quickly dismissed

One of the biggest myths about marketing leaflets is that people are dismissive of them, putting them straight into the recycling without a glance. However, research shows that the majority of people are curious about a well-produced leaflet and will tend to keep it around for a few weeks or even months.

Myth 5: Digital advertising is superior to off-page advertising

In the digital age, it’s a common belief that traditional off-page advertising can no longer compete. However, the supremacy of online advertising is a misconception for many businesses.

In the ever-more competitive online arena, it is increasingly difficult to stand out, and many consumers use ad-blockers to avoid being distracted by irritating and irrelevant ads. As we all spend more time looking at screens, a tangible paper leaflet can be the best method to ensure that your marketing messages are read and responded to.



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