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4 Top Graphic Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

The world of graphic design has been evolving faster than ever over the past few years, with technological innovations and social changes aplenty. It’s important to keep up with current trends to show your customers that you are ahead of the curve and are a forward-thinking business. Here’s a look at some of the biggest design trends for 2023.

Understated branding

Businesses will be moving away from bold branding, towards a more stripped back approach, according to Creative Bloq. This technique is sometimes called ‘anti-branding’, and its intent is to communicate a more authentic message to customers.

Embossed logos in plain monochrome colour schemes and hand drawn lettering that has a more organic feel have become more fashionable during 2022, and the trend is set to continue. This minimal and fuss free approach can really stand out in a field still dominated by brasher and more eye-catching designs.

It is most often used by companies who produce handcrafted artisan goods or organic products, to draw attention to sustainable and eco-friendly production models.

This approach can also be a statement that positions a brand slightly apart from the mainstream, suggesting that they do not need to shout about their products because they are quietly confident in their quality and authenticity.

Experimental typography and logo designs

Trends in typography and logo design have favoured the minimal and pared back in recent years. While a simple approach can work very well, there is a growing trend towards the more artistic and experimental in 2023. In a sea of uniform sans serif fonts, a lively and bespoke lettering and logo design can really stand out.

Recently, collage, hand drawn lettering, and mixtures of serif and sans serif fonts have been combined with bright colour schemes. This look can help to communicate the ethos of an edgy or upcoming new brand. As the Helvetica route has become so ubiquitous in graphic design, going deliberately in the opposite direction feels fresh and innovative.

3D shapes

It is now easier than ever to reproduce convincing 3D shapes on screen and in print, and this is reflected in more three-dimensional logos and graphics. Tech companies in particular have picked up on the trend for combining 2D and 3D shapes in their graphic design, logos, and typography.

During 2023, the trend is set to go a step further, with more artwork influenced by the metaverse. This means incorporating the imagery of alternative virtual reality universes into the more everyday world of graphic design and corporate identity.

This does take specialist design software to do well, so it is unlikely to be one of the bigger influences on the world of design for the immediate future. However, as the world moves increasingly online, expect to see much more VR generated artwork in the future.

More inclusive representation

The great levelling up of the way the world’s population is represented in design will continue during 2023. Expect to see a better balance of gender and ethnic diversity, and more inclusive and accessible design features for those with disabilities.

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