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3 Cost Effective Ways To Market Your Business

There is no doubt that we are facing challenging times as we head into 2023, with the economy in the doldrums and household budgets under pressure from steep rises in inflation. Businesses are also feeling the pinch, with higher energy costs and more cautious consumers.

It can be tempting to cut back on your marketing budget during a recession, but studies have proved that businesses who continue or increase their marketing spend actually bounce back quicker and stronger than those who don’t. By continuing to market and advertise your products and services, you are better able to retain and attract new customers.

There is no need to spend vast sums of money on a marketing campaign either. Here are some affordable but effective ways to keep your business above water.

Leaflet drops

A cost effective but often overlooked way to raise your profile and boost sales is through GPS tracked leaflet distribution. This is a way to get your message directly in front of your target audience, without the guesswork entailed with online marketing.

To get the most from a leaflet drop, it is important to match the demographics of the postcode area with your target audience. For example, do your products or services appeal most to young urban dwellers who rent or have just bought their first home? Or are they aimed at older people who are more likely to live in the suburbs?

It is important to spend some time and effort making sure that your leaflets look professional and eye-catching, although there is no need to spend a fortune. It is enough to state clearly who you are and what you do, and a call to action such as an email address or phone number that the customer can call.

Social media marketing

If you do not currently have any social media accounts linked to your business, you are missing out on a potentially low-cost and powerful marketing opportunity. It can seem a daunting task especially for a small business with few employees. However there are plenty of tools available to help you schedule and even create content.

Some companies find that it is ultimately more cost effective to outsource all of their social media marketing to a third party. A professional marketing team will ensure that all your profiles are regularly updated with fresh and relevant content that is sharable and engaging.

Email marketing

Email marketing may be regarded as old hat in 2023, but the fact remains that it is affordable and effective. There are plenty of tools available to help you manage batches of emails so that you are sending out relevant content to targeted audiences, based on their previous shopping or browsing history, rather than a one size fits all approach.

Use personalised emails to help build an authentic connection with your customers, and use it to let them know about any offers, promotions, exclusive or new products that you have to offer.



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