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2022 Print Design Trends

Print design plays a huge part in the physical advertising and branding of a company and effective design can aid in building brand recognition. While digital design is the basis of any branding, print can elevate your brand and bring a tangible element that clients can not only see but touch, as well.

Ensuring cohesion across digital and physical platforms is important in maintaining a strong brand identity. Nailing web design is one thing, but ensuring it translates well into print is key to building a harmonious brand.

Embossed & Glossed

Simplistic yet effective, embossing packaging design and other forms of print such as business cards gives an edge of sophistication and luxury to any brand. With muted colours and minimalism remaining on trend, introducing quiet and subtle elements can bring back the wow factor without causing a scene.

Mixing embossing with glossing can also make a statement, providing variation without the need for a wild colour palette. The mix of textures provides just the right amount of extravagance, so you enjoy maximum effect with a minimalist look.

Colourful Minimalism

Minimalistic doesn’t mean void of colour. While keeping with simple, sleek design may be trendy, making sure your branding pops among the sea of other similar styles is important. Introducing small touches of muted, tonal colours is a beautiful way to do this.

Choosing an iconic colour that suits the feel of your brand and incorporating that into your design ideas is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Impactful and still unornamented, it is a great way to tie together all forms of branding in a way that is unique to you.

Retro Is Back

Bye-bye 2022, hello 1960! Retro is back with a bang and it isn’t hard to see why. The familiar, nostalgic feel of the past is making a statement while bringing back warm memories.

Comforting colour palettes and retro-tinted typefaces are a big hit and incorporating more refined, modernist aspects gives a new lease of life to these timeless classics.

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